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  • Angela Zahas

A Professional Milestone 15 Years in the Making

At a time when switching jobs eight to 10 times by age 40 has become commonplace, Chris Zahas is breaking from the norm by spending the greater part of his early professional career and now permanent home with one company, Leland Consulting Group (LCG). September marked Chris’ 15th year with LCG; the past two years as owner of the real estate strategy and urban planning firm headquartered in Portland. Chris earned his Master of Urban and Regional Planning from Portland State University and prior to joining Leland Consulting Group, he coordinated economic development projects for the Portland Development Commission, Portland’s redevelopment agency.

Chris’ hire in 2000 came down to a gut feeling for then owner Dave Leland, who selected him from a pool of talented applicants. And, his gut was right – Chris thrived at LCG. “Chris is very bright, honest, curious, committed to his profession and held in high regard by his clients, employees, peers, and day-to-day contacts,” touts Dave. Fast forward to present day where Chris continues to grow the business as Managing Principal and owner in a city with a reputation for churning out exciting and relevant transportation, housing, and market strategies and analyses.

LCG staff members agree that the qualities Dave Leland saw in him 15 years ago still hold true today and are echoed again and again by colleagues and clients. It is not surprising that Chris has been with LCG for this long; he loves his work – the innovation, the building of great places all across the country, and the smart, visionary people he works with who make it possible.

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