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our values  

Our values guide our work and differentiate us from other firms. We are development strategists who make great things happen in the future, not just market analysts that report how the world is today. These seven values represent what’s important to us.


We value honesty in our partners and clients, and we value being candid in the work we do and the recommendations we provide. We value creating an environment in which we can engage in direct and honest two-way communications with our partners and clients.


We believe that projects are more fun and more successful when they result from collaborations that bring together the talents, knowledge, and creative ideas from ourselves, our clients, and our teaming partners.


School’s never out. We value those projects and relationships that provide us with opportunities to learn and grow with our clients. We walk our talk regarding professional and personal development.


We value a work environment, projects, and opportunities that allow us to pursue what we care about and like to do. Our excitement about what we do is palpable.

Quality of Place.

Quality of place matters. Great places not only improve the landscape, but they drive economic and financial success. We value projects and partnerships that enable us to contribute to or shape great communities, places, and spaces, and those that recognize us for “doing it right” and “doing it well.”


Our work goes beyond the traditional value of sustainability by improving the built environment at all scales (regional, urban, suburban, district), in our community, and in our workplace. Resilient environments adapt to change, and planning for change – particularly intentional change – is what it’s all about. That commitment starts here at LCG in how we get around, the space we occupy, and the materials we use.


We thrive on defining the right problem, highlighting opportunity, working with our partners to identify desired outcomes, and then developing the strategy for achieving them. It’s all about outcomes – keeping the big picture in mind and setting our clients and our communities up for success.



our story

Leland Consulting Group was founded in 1989 by David Leland who wanted to get into the relationship business. Equipped with big ideas and an even bigger heart, Dave launched LCG as an urban revitalization and development consulting firm with the needs of people at the center of it all. Since then, LCG has evolved and expanded to include economic development and real estate asset strategies, weathered a couple of recessions, and celebrated the many milestones of the employees whose passion and skill drives the work we do. In 2013, Chris Zahas took over as majority owner and president, carrying on the values and principles that he learned from Dave.

    We are in the business of elevating people, their needs, wants, willingness to spend, and other considerations. We can talk about the personal needs of people and their neighbors with regard to financial stability, public safety, concerns about the future, the quality and stability of their immediate neighborhood, and other matters close to home. Those core values, attitudes and beliefs should directly inform the nature of the places that we help to produce and therein directly feed into measures of prosperity.  

-Dave Leland, Founder of LCG

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