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Oregon 2050: A Vision for Oregon’s Future

On May 28th, Leland Consulting Group Senior Project Manager David Siegel, FAICP moderated a half-day Action Plan Workshop held at the Oregon Convention Center by the Oregon 2050 Alliance, under the auspices of the Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association. The Alliance was created by a group of senior professionals from Oregon’s planning, architecture, and landscape architecture organizations after several years of meetings, conference sessions, and conversations regarding how to address the major challenges confronting us: climate change, an economy failing to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population, threats to individual and environmental health, decreasing public trust in government, and loss of effective public engagement around the critical issues in our communities. What became clear during those conversations was that, while many organizations are doing good work to address individual problems, there is no overarching vision or plan for what needs to be accomplished to ensure a high quality of life for all Oregonians in the future.

The well-attended workshop resulted in the identification and prioritization of potential actions to make a difference in three initial areas: economic health, food access, and walkability. Task forces are being set up to develop an action plan for initiating change in these three areas over the coming months, and the Oregon 2050 Alliance is recruiting organizations to join in the development of a long-range strategy that will help Oregon be healthy, vibrant, and resilient in the future.

David Siegel, FAICP is one of the founding members of the coordinating committee, committed to building this alliance for change. To view the committee’s presentation, click


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