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  • Brian Vanneman

Mixed-use development breaks ground in Wilsonville, Oregon

Sometimes the best things come to those who wait. Patience, along with tenacity and perseverance, has paid off for Fred Meyer Stores, Gramor Development, and the City of Wilsonville, Oregon.

Fred Meyer broke ground on Old Town Square project in August 2010, almost two decades after taking title to the land in the early 1990s. Market cycles and numerous infrastructure constraints conspired to hold the project up.

Old Town Square will incorporate a public plaza, historic architecture, a full service Fred Meyer store and other retailers, a McMenamins restaurant, and 56 high-quality apartments. It is physically integrated into the center of the community, and its design is based on the historic architecture of the Willamette Valley.

Leland Consulting Group led a multi-disciplinary team to reach a mutually approved development concept, architectural design, and product mix, thereby allowing the project to proceed through the public entitlement process. This is one of a very limited number of significant retail-focused and mixed-use projects to begin building during the past several years. Congratulations all!

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