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  • Chris Zahas

New Assignments

LCG is continually taking on new strategic advisory engagements including:

  • Industrial development advisory services for the City of Hillsboro, Oregon

  • Market analysis and strategy for a close-in urban mixed-use / residential project in Portland, Oregon

  • Public-private negotiation services for resolving multiple private interests in Vancouver, Washington

  • Negotiation services for resolving public-private entitlement matters in Forest Grove, Oregon

  • Downtown revitalization strategy for Twin Falls, Idaho

  • Downtown plan review and implementation recommendations for the City of Kirkland, Washington

  • Downtown streetcar plan and strategy for the City of Everett, Washington

  • Development advisory services for a mixed-use project in Goodyear, Arizona

  • Market and analysis and development evaluation for a mixed-use project in Springfield, Oregon

  • Development strategy for the OHSU/AmberGlen Area Plan in Hillsboro, Oregon

  • Research, strategies and public-private negotiations for a mixed-use development in McMinnville, Oregon

  • Market strategy for a new urbanist residential community in New Braunfels, Texas

  • Downtown redevelopment strategy for Midland, Texas

  • Developer selection and negotiation assistance for a transit-oriented development in Gresham, Oregon

  • Impact analysis for downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Corridor plan for Abilene, Texas

  • Development programming and financial analysis for the North Bethany area in Washington County, Oregon

  • Advisory services for the City of Fort Worth, Texas

  • Financing strategies for a new streetcar system between Sacramento and West Sacramento, California

  • Urban renewal conditions survey for Pueblo, Colorado

  • Urban corridor analysis and redevelopment strategy for the City of Boise, Idaho

  • Airline Corridor Plan for Houston, Texas

  • Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy for the City of Boise, Idaho

  • Downtown redevelopment strategy for Casper, Wyoming

  • Urban renewal plan for Windsor, Colorado

  • Downtown/Comprehensive Plan for San Angelo, Texas

  • Concept plan and development strategy for the Third Street corridor in Bend, Oregon

  • City Center redevelopment strategy for Dillon, Colorado

  • Regional Center development for Oregon City, Oregon

  • Urban renewal plan for Longmont, Colorado

  • Implementation assistance for multiple urban housing projects in downtown Boise, Idaho

  • Public-private partnership strategies for a new convention and cultural center in downtown Boise, Idaho

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