Practice What You Plan

“Practice what you plan”…that’s the title of an article in the August/September issue of Planning, the magazine of the American Planning Association. The article features Ankeny Row, the groundbreaking co-housing development built by Leland Consulting Group Senior Project Manager Dave Siegel and a small group of likeminded active and retired professionals in Portland’s eastside Buckman neighborhood. What’s unique about Ankeny Row is its high-amenity location (a Walk Score of 92 and Bike Score of 98), its sustainable building practices and materials, and its net-zero energy use (having been built to Passive House standards). Like the other Ankeny Row partners, Siegel’s reasons for participati

Setting A Path for New Mixed-Use and Public Spaces in Woodinville, Washington

Leland Consulting Group is excited about the City of Woodinville’s Civic Campus project, which we expect will include some great new public spaces – Civic Plaza and Schoolhouse Square – along with a City Rec Center/YMCA, ground floor retail and restaurants, housing, and office space. The Council took an important step forward in endorsing one of the site development options on June 6, 2017. Leland Consulting Group looks forward to continued work on this public-private partnership with the City, YMCA, and private developers yet to be determined. (Woodinville Weekly Article, July 2017) (Woodinville Weekly Article, June 2017 ) #developerrecruitment #BrianVanneman

Branding vs. Marketing for the Economic Development Practitioner

The #1 top concern for U.S. businesses is attracting and retaining qualified employees. In response to this concern, cities across the country are focused on creating a “great place” that will help attract desired talent. Part of this place making effort often includes promotion and marketing of a community to the targeted talent audience. As a result, over the past several years I have either been asked to “create” a brand for my community, or my clients have been asked by their elected officials to do so. Before diving into such efforts, it may be helpful to consider the following descriptions. The intent is to provide layman terminology for the average economic development practitioner wo

LCG's Brian Contributes Article for Anthology on Small-town Development

An article co-authored by LCG’s Brian Vanneman titled, “The Supermarket as a Neighborhood Building Block: Redefining the Notion of an Anchor,” was selected for an anthology presenting, ‘stories of small-town America’s struggle and describes innovations and practices behind successful revivals’. In the article, Vanneman invites the reader to imagine a community plan that puts a grocery store at the hub with additional vibrant, relevant, and interesting amenities in close proximity to housing. Read the original article here. Find the book here. Small Town Economic Development: Reports on Growth Strategies in Practice, Gonzalez, Kemp, and Rosenthal, editors, McFarland publishers, 2017. #BrianV

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