Vibrant Spaces Abound in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico

Dave Leland, who continues to serve as an advisor to Leland Consulting Group (LCG), is active in projects in Mexico. Dave extended his expertise as a development strategist to Capital Natural, owner of Arboleda, a major mixed-use development in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico. Staff at LCG assisted Dave at key points throughout this process including a market study, competitive analysis, and strategic development programming for the project, as well as helping to facilitate a design competition for recruitment of the primary project architect. Dave has been involved throughout the five-year development period and continues today as urban strategist and advisor. This remarkable project, design

A New Bridge in the Neighborhood

Leland Consulting Group’s Chris and Angela Zahas took their kids on a family bike ride across the newest bridge in Portland – Tilikum Crossing. A dedicated multimodal river crossing designed for public transportation (light rail, streetcar, and bus), pedestrians, and cyclists, the bridge provides a safe thoroughfare for alternative transit users. Angela and Chris are both bike commuters to the downtown LCG office from their SE Portland neighborhood and they see the bridge as another great route home. Leland Consulting Group specializes in helping cities actualize great spaces including examining transportation, housing, and market options and what brings people together around urban revitali

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